Continuing our quest to find anime both my wife and I would enjoy together, we tried Chaika: The Coffin Princess. Chaika: The Coffin Princess follows the tale of a mysterious young girl, Chaika, on her quest to gather the remains of the deposed Taboo Emperor Gaz. She befriends a pair of saboteurs who help her on her fantasy-style quest. Unfortunately, this anime did not sit well with both of us. My wife dropped out after the second episode while I continued on, for reasons I hope to make apparent.

This is not a formal review, but rather a more intimate look at what the two of us found enjoyable or otherwise. Kodar Kazar has written the official AniTAY reviews of Season 1 and Season 2.

For Him: Chaika


I was immediately enthralled with the world of Chaika: The Coffin Princess, and the titular character really piqued my interest. Chaika’s broken speech, trusting demeanor, and innocent personality immediately won me over to the series. I found her cute, and was glad that she had met Toru and Akari who protect her along her dangerous quest. Yes, Chaika is a quintessential moe character. MementoMorie wrote a wonderful piece delving into exactly what and how Chaika is moe.

For myself, the moe aspects of Chaika were endearing and made me want to watch the series. My wife, however, had quite the opposite reaction.


For Her: Chaika

Disclaimer: While the ‘For Her’ portions are normally written by my wife, I have written this portion based off of our conversations together prior to her dropping out of watching Chaika: The Coffin Princess.


“Just put down your stupid coffin!” is what my wife exclaimed multiple times during the first two episodes we watched together. While I found the coffin antics cute and funny, my wife found them irritating and a reason to not watch the show. Chaika’s struggles with her coffin reinforce the moe aspect of her character by presenting her as someone who needs help. Unfortunately, it is exactly these moe aspects that my wife did not enjoy. Although she wasn’t able to put her finger on what exactly was bugging her, she concluded that Chaika presented a number of tropes bundled together into a package she did not find appealing: Chaika’s general air of helplessness and ineffectualness presented in a young female character.

Having finished the anime series, I know that Chaika grows into her own. I also understand the narrative need for Chaika to start off as helpless to allow her to grow throughout the series. However, it was a sticking point early on that divided our opinions of the show.


In deference to Koda Kazar’s excellent reviews (Season 1 & Season 2), we have eschewed the normal review card.


I watched the rest of Chaika: The Coffin Princess after my wife quit the series and had a wonderful time finishing it. I thoroughly enjoyed the series and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun fantasy adventure that actually reaches a satisfying conclusion over the 22 episode arc. However, you should be aware that even though there is no fan service, the moe content is very high. If you don’t think your significant other will enjoy a moe character in the lead role, perhaps you are better off staying clear of Chaika: The Coffin Princess.

Chaika: The Coffin Princess (Season 1) can be watched on Hulu streaming service. Chaika: The Coffin Princess - The Avenging Battle (Season 2) can be watched in Crunchyroll streaming service.

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